Copepod Tigriopus californicus havested from the "green water" bioreactor

What is DNA?

Let’s assemble it like a Lego

Here you will get into a visual trip to the structure of the molecule of life. We leave atomic details apart, and focus on the shape of the building blocks of DNA, deoxinucleotides, and how they bind to make up the famous double helix.

Yoghurts with increasing concentrations of lutein

What are genes and alleles?

Let’s distinguish these two concepts

From the DNA that mom and dad provided us, we drill down to the small (and not so small) differences between these two sets of information that we received.  

What are hereditary diseases?

Let’s get down to the detail

Mom and Dad each gave us one copy of each gene (as a general rule). For most of them, one functional copy is enough to be healthy. However, some genes need both copies working. Let’s see what this implies if one of the copies is faulty.