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Working to improve nutrition, food security and environmental conservation

My research career

Over 20 years, I have investigated on the biosynthesis, functions and analysis of carotenoids. I also enjoyed researching on the effects of hypoxia on the mitochondria, and lately I got interested on ecology and the mass-production of zooplankton.


Vistamilk - Fortixan

As part of Vistamilk SFI Research Centre, we are developing a yoghurt enriched in lutein to enter the market and facilitate the intake of this nutrient to population groups at risk of deficitary nutrition.

Supplement Certified

This initiative aims to help companies commercialising nutraceuticals with carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids to achieve high quality and stability standards, for the benefit of the customer

'Green water' bioreactor

We have developed a bioreactor that demonstrates the feasibility of using the ‘green water’ technique in a closed-loop to produce zooplankton rich in essential aminoacids, omega-3s and astaxanthin.

I also study the health claims from the food industry that conflict with environmental conservation

The marketing that suggests consuming EPA and DHA has no scientific backing and unnecessarily exploits ecosystems already suffering


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