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Working to improve nutrition, food security and environmental conservation

Developing a carotenoid enriched yoghurt to improve health

As part of Vistamilk SFI Research Centre, we are developing a yoghurt enriched in lutein and zeaxanthin to facilitate the intake of these nutrients to population groups at risk of poor nutrition. Once ready, we will carry out a human trial to test its efficacy.

With an expertise in carotenoids

Specifically in the biosynthesis and modification of these molecules, their biochemical analysis and their physiological functions. As a valuable complement, with years of experience in studying mitochondrial energy metabolism and cancer.


I am devoted to studying the health claims of the food industry that conflict with the conservation of the environment

The recommendation that the consumption of EPA and DHA is essential for healthy adults is debatable and is leading to unnecessarily exploiting ecosystems that are already suffering.

With Prof John Nolan, we have launched 'Supplement Certified', a quality and stability standard for nutritional supplements

Our goal is to helph companies that commercialise nutritional supplements with carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids ensure compliance with label claim over the shelf life of the product.


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