Current Projects

Yoghurts with increasing concentrations of lutein

Lutein-enriched yoghurt

To hit the market and improve human health

Lutein, essential for vision, is not sufficiently consumed by older people. A yoghurt enriched in this carotenoid can help them (and children, sports peaople, etc.) maintain sufficient levels of this important molecule. 

Copepod Tigriopus californicus havested from the "green water" bioreactor

Mass production of zooplankton

To reduce forage fisheries

We have proven the efficiency of a new paradigm to mass-produce zooplankton: Monoalgal ‘green water’ in a two-phase looped bioreactor. Ever growing aquaculture is avid for new sources of omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids. The oceans are willing to see how forage fisheries are reduced.

Supplement Certified™

To ensure high quality nutraceuticals for the public

The human nutraceuticals industry is largely underregulated. Supplement Certified aims to control the quality and stability of human nutraceuticals aimed at eye health, to ensure that label claim is met over the entire shelf-life of the product.